Property presentation services have become an essential aspect in the marketing campaign of selling and renting houses.  The potential purchaser will fall in love with your home. 

* Increase in value figure is calculated by subtracting the initial property valuation and renovation costs from the final property valuation / sell price.  Other costs may need to be included depending on your personal situation, i.e interest, stamp duty, capital gains tax, agents sale commission, etc.  Please seek professional financial advice to suit your personal situation.

We can manage the entire project large or small.  We have the financial tools, purchasing power and trades to ensure that you do not over capitalise and increase your value with every dollar spent. 

We can help add value to your home  for no cost until the property sells... 

Do you want to increase the value of your home ?

Do you want to sell your home quicker and for a better price ?

We can help you with no upfront costs.

no upfront costs to owner
Renovation Time Frame = 48 days
Sale Time = 4 weeks (auction)
renovation cost = $43,165
Increased Value of property = $177,000*

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